Pupils’ art workshops go ‘Back to the Future’

Four Colwyn Bay schools and local artist Mai Thomas are creating artwork for the hoardings which will surround the site of the new office accommodation in the heart of the town.

Pupils will take inspiration from the rich architectural heritage found along Conway Road and design new patterns full of colour, shape, line and texture. They’ll imagine future streetscapes and draw individual miniature scenes portraying their ideas. The finished work will take the form of large scale images digitally reproduced on hoardings with a series of spyholes and insets to glimpse their tiny visions of the future.

The work will be displayed throughout the build but we can’t wait for the November unveiling!

Phil Marsden, project manager at Muse Developments, said: “We are pleased to be working with the young people of Colwyn Bay and look forward to seeing the designs they come up with for the hoardings. It’s great to get young people involved in such an important part of their and the town’s future. This new development will shape the town by providing new energy-efficient accommodation for the Council and local services, improving the physical environment and acting as a catalyst for further regeneration.”

Malcolm Robertson, Senior Contracts Manager, said: “At Bowmer and Kirkland we recognise the importance of engaging with communities local to our construction projects. We are delighted to be involved with the new council offices in Colwyn Bay and this fantastic opportunity to take the inspired artwork produced by local school children and create a hoarding that tells a story linking the past to construction of the future.”

Cllr Dilwyn Roberts, Leader of Conwy County Borough Council said: “The young people have already identified heritage-based images at workshops and all their work will be captured in the final artwork for the site hoardings. The local heritage images capture the past, whereas these young people are both the present and the future of our town – their depictions of the future will, I’m sure, prove to be very interesting.”