Each school in Conwy County receives funding for music in their delegated budget.

Headteachers and governing bodies then decide on the level of music provision in their school and how much they will ask parents to pay towards lessons.

Schools book tuition hours and tuition plus through their annual SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Specialist Instrumental / Vocal Tuition

A minimum of 30 minutes each week is taught for 30 – 34 weeks from September to July. Pupils are taught individually, in pairs or in small groups.

Taster sessions are always available for brass, woodwind and string instruments.

Tuition Plus

Music Education support tailored to your school. Options include Theory Clubs, Recording Techniques, primary school Bands, Ensemble support for secondary schools, whole class singing and Music Technology.

We also offer workshops on an occasional or regular basis in Rhythm / Percussion / African Drumming / Samba Band.

If there are other areas where you feel you need our specialist support, please contact us.


County Ensembles

Once a pupil has reached basic competence in their instrument they are eligible to join one of the Junior Ensembles or Music Centres.

To ensure that all children and young people have equal access to county ensembles, please distribute our information regularly and encourage pupils to attend. Thank you.

Pupils achieving a standard equivalent to Grade 3 are eligible for County Youth Ensemble.

Pupils achieving a standard equivalent to Grade 4 are eligible for Specialist Ensembles (Strings, Big Band, Woodwind).

Regional Ensembles and National Ensembles

The Conwy Music Service works in partnership with other services throughout Wales to offer courses and concerts for our more able and talented young musicians.

Financial support may be available to assist those aspiring to county, regional or national ensembles.