Pigtown Theatre Company will develop a script from a piece of Play in a Day creative writing by a pupil or a class and then visit your school to make a play to be performed by the end of the day. £250

Developing language & communication skills through books for the Love Books youngest pupils. £42 per workshop / £110 for 3

Number Wizard (Foundation Phase) / Count Down (KS2)
Numeracy projects which give pupils opportunities to enjoy using basic maths skills in an immersive drama: Telling the time, Handling Money, Number bonding to 10 & 20, Counting down from 10, Recognising Patterns, Sorting items, Number names to 20, Odd & Even Numbers, 3-D shapes. £200

Blast Off
Blast Off into outer space with the scientists working for Proton as they plan a new holiday destination on a deserted planet. What happens when we find that the planet is still occupied, that there has been a war and that it was people like us who let them down? Can we find out what happened and try to make amends? £200

It’s Cora’s World War Too!
Meet Cora, evacuated to Colwyn Bay from Liverpool, and follow her funny, fascinating story of finding new friends. £42

Time Traveller
Zip forwards and backwards in time and be an eye witness at key events in history: Become Egyptian Priests, Roman soldiers,
Suffragette Emily Davidson or British and German soldiers in the trenches during WWI on Christmas Day. £42